A Night for Hope

A Night for Hope (formally Rally for Hope) is an annual fundraiser for Hope for Tomorrow. In addition to connecting old and new mentors across chapters, it gives everyone a chance to hear testimonials from past mentees about the impact that Hope for Tomorrow has had on them. Scholarship winners from the alumni chapters are also announced at this event and announcements about any major changes in the organization are made.

In addition to the general program there is a silent auction (averaging around 75 items every year) and raffle prizes. Mentors sell the raffle tickets in the month leading up to the rally. Everyone is invited to the A Night for Hope, so bring a friend—they might decide to mentor themselves! 

This event is no small undertaking, and volunteers are always welcome. The main ways to volunteer your time are to sell raffle tickets or join the planning committee for the Rally for Hope. If you're interested in getting involved in either of these ways, use the Contact Us form to get in touch with the current Rally Committee chair. Each year we also gather silent auction item donations (new items only) from the community. If you'd be interested in donating an item or basket of items to the rally, please get in touch with us.