Be a Supporter

There are many ways to support Hope for Tomorrow outside of directly volunteering as a mentor, and all of them are just as important. Whether you're looking to donate money, goods, or even a little bit of time, there are ways you can support the organization. Click on the links below to find out more information about specific ways to be a supporter.

Give to the Max Day! Thursday, November 15th is Give to the Max Day.   

A Night for Hope — A Night for Hope is the organization's major fundraising event. 

Donate — Hope for Tomorrow wouldn't be as effective as it is today without donations from friends, family, and mentors.

Fundraisers — Various chapters have fundraisers or sales to earn money. Learn about fundraisers coming soon on this page.

In-Kind Donations — Every chapter needs supplies such as notebooks, binders, nametags, and more. Many chapters are also looking to bring in guest speakers. If you have supplies or would like to offer your services to a chapter, learn more here.