Commitment Agreement

At the first session of the year, all mentor-mentee pairs sign the following commitment agreement. This is to ensure that everyone involved knows what is expected of them and what they can expect from the program. The commitment agreement reads:

I agree to:

Mentee Mentor  
_______ _______ be on time and attend each monthly session.
_______ _______ be respectful of others. I will listen and not talk while others are speaking.
_______ _______ fully participate in each session and provide direct, respectful and honest feedback to my mentor/mentee and be open to feedback that I may receive.
_______ _______ ask questions and share my thoughts with my mentor/mentee and the group during all activities and as appropriate.
_______ _______ stretch myself even if it makes me a little uncomfortable.
_______ _______ keep individual and group conversations confidential during and after program completion unless a specific situation occurs that needs to be shared with a school staff member.
_______ _______ sit with my mentor/mentee at each session, when traveling to and from field trips, when at field trip locations, etc. to maximize the time we spend together.
_______ _______ bring my Hope for Tomorrow folder or binder to each session unless instructed not to, such as during a field trip.
_______ _______ complete any activities assigned to me between sessions.
_______ _______ adhere to the rule of no cell phones and no texting during Hope for Tomorrow sessions.
_______ _______ stay in my assigned group and clean up after myself at the end of each session.

I acknowledge that I am responsible for my own personal development and I want to actively participate in Hope for Tomorrow.