Local mentoring program earns 501c(3) designation

Local mentoring program earns 501(c)(3) designation

Minneapolis, MN, March 2012 – Hope for Tommorrow, a south Metro-based mentoring program for junior-high students, has earned official 501c(3) status. 

“I am thrilled about receiving the 501(c)(3) designation,” said Hope for Tomorrow Board Chairwoman Darlene Miller. “This gives Hope a new sense of legitimacy and will help us create a strategic roadmap for future growth.”

Hope for Tomorrow was born in 1997 from a casual conversation amongst two Minneapolis-based businesswomen who felt they weren’t making enough of a difference through traditional charity endeavors. The talk turned to children, and how girls from all walks of life need strong female role models and mentors.

From there, Hope for Tomorrow blossomed into a full-fledged mentoring program for boys and girls, currently operating in 13 schools around the metro region. It is lead by a volunteer governance council and has created a standardized toolkit and curriculum for clubs, including consistent curriculum. 

“Obtaining 501c(3) status opens new doors for Hope,” Darlene says. “It will allow us to apply for more and bigger grants, as well as receive donations from more non-profit organizations. That money will be vital as we spread Hope throughout the state and, ultimately, the country.”

Hope for Tomorrow pairs adult mentors—successful businesspeople and pillars of the community—with 8th and 9th grade students “in the middle,” those who aren’t necessarily failing but aren’t achieving their full potential. Groups of mentor-mentee pairs meeting monthly at schools and participate in hands-on lessons on topics such as first impressions, peer pressure and self-defense. Groups also take two field trips each school year, to a local business and to a college.